• "This product helped me get my weight loss on track! I also feel like I have more energy."

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"I've been taking these supplements for over a month now, and I am VERY happy with the results. Upon first purchasing the product, I noticed changes within the first week! I used to be a hefty 134 lbs, and these pills have brought me down to a stunning 115 lbs! Will definitely purchase again."

Stephanie Davis

"True to it's words, works as advertised. I'm very impressed since I lost inches on my problem areas, My tummy really became smaller and tightened."


"I feel that this product is helping me toward my weight loss goals. I have loss weight and inches. I would recommend this product to anyone who wishes to lose weight."


"It's easy to swallow and taking it is just like taking daily vitamins. It's fast acting and I saw difference in my body in just after a month of using it."


"Absolutely love this CLA! It's easy to swallow and doesn't have an after taste! Definitely worth the money!"

Amber Nealey

Sheer CLA 1500 is formulated specifically for women